NJLS 2019 Spring Meet is: Fri. May 31, Sat. June 1, Sun. June 2

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Also... Reminder that your sign-up is needed as soon as possible -

for a NJLS Members only Event, to be held at NJLS on June 30, 2019: 


 The "Horseless Carriage Club" will be visiting NJLS that day, and THEY are cooking lunch! - and they need to know how many NJLS members will want to buy lunch,  so they can prepare enough food.  We need to know IF you are planning to attend.  You need to answer this email, saying that you will be attending this June 30th event, in order to reserve a lunch for yourself.  The price of lunch tickets is not known yet.  They need to determine all details.

     Also, remember: "The NJLS Golden Spike Anniversary Run" event will be held on the same day! We need steam locomotives to complete the tribute.   Will you participate? Please let us know!  WE NEED TO KNOW ASAP: Are you attending the June 30th Events?  Will you be running steam, of any gauge, as part of the Golden Spike Fun Run?

Please answer these questions ASAP,  VIA EMAIL to:  njlivesteamers@gmail.com  

or you may phone (or talk to, in person): the NJLS Officers:  See your roster for private phone #s. 


Absolutely everyone who enters the NJLS grounds

must sign the required Liability Waiver forms. 

Please come to the club house immediately upon your arrival,

and ask for a copy of the forms - 

for each and every person, including each minor,

(who must be signed for by their parents or legal guardians).

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You may also contact all of the

NJLS Officers & Committee Chairmen

at the following address,

and we will forward the mail to the person

responsible for that topic:

njlivesteamers AT gmail DOT com


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 Contact us via email:  njlivesteamers AT gmail DOT com

The New Jersey Live Steamers is a private, 501c7, hobby club of railroad related scale modeling enthusiasts. As a private club, we are not open to the public, nor are we able to give rides to the public.  The purpose of the club is to bring together people who share a common interest in railroad operation and historically accurate model construction for the purpose of educational instruction, social well-being, and construction of operating live-steam models of locomotives, rolling stock and allied equipment, as well as historic preservation for future generations.  Anyone having an interest in these areas is encouraged to email us at the above address, for the purpose of arranging a potential visit to see our facility, ask questions, and, if interested, apply for membership.